Reasons Girls Should Participate in Sports

Engaging in sports has plenty of benefits to those participating. As you watch different sports, you will realize that most of the participants are male especially in soccer. Despite that playing sports has become popular in the 21st century, it is still considered as a boy’s thing while this should not be the case.

Boosts Overall Health

Sports are not only a career that makes money or helps girls spend their time wisely, but it is also an engagement that boosts their overall health. When general health is improved, this translates into a healthier lifestyle with fewer visits to the doctor.

Girls can manage their weight better- When your body is inactive; it is easy to suffer from obesity. Playing sports helps in burning calories which in turn helps in weight management.

Reduces chances of osteoporosis- As sports exercise the entire body, the bones becomes stronger and this helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Helps in blood pressure management – Inactivity leads to hypertension and heart diseases. Sports will keep the heart active and reduce this kind of health issue.

Enhances learning skills – Being good in a sport requires a lot of learning and with this; it will be easy for girls to apply the same in academics and life in general.


Boosts Overall Esteem

Self-esteem is of great importance especially in girls. They are able to do things confidently which helps them in life. They get to know and appreciate their worth. With sports participation, self-esteem is increased.


They Become Team Players

Team sports such as soccer will help girls become more team spirited. How does this help them? Working as a team helps in building a better working relation whether in school, at home or at work. Sports participants will develop this in time which will also play a role in developing a healthy social circle.

What Are the Best Sports for Girls?

It is highly recommendable that girls participate in team sports. Actually these are the sports that many girls opt for rather than where they have to depend on themselves to win. Team sports are such as basketball, volleyball and soccer.
Girls will either not participate in a sport or they will be choosy when it comes to that. This does not mean that there are no girls playing sport but compared to boys, the percentage is significantly low. Considering the physical and mental advantages of engaging in sports, it’s important that more girls are encouraged to do this.