What are the 5 Famous Sports in the World?

Since long ago, Sports have been popular to people especially men. This served as entertainment and exercise to us all. From basketball to volleyball, swimming to biking, these sports make us have a healthy living. Not only men but women nowadays have been interested in sports and join in them. 

Both genders now have an equal right in participating in different kinds of sports. But what sports right now are truly popular with the people. There are sports that are really thrilling and are loved by many of us here in the world. So, here are 5 famous sports you need to know.


This sport is famous for the American population as well as to the other nations. Many people adore the game wherein a five people for each team tries to get the ball and shoot it on the enemies basket. And the most popular among all basketball associations is the NBA in America. Every season they have playoffs that are watched by most people in the world. Many people are a big fan of this sport. Its fan is approximately 400 million. There are many talented players around the world and most of them come from the NBA.


Volleyball is one of the simplest sports. It has little equipment and a few rules. Players serve the ball letting it pass over the net and it should hit the opponent’s court. You can play volleyball everywhere as long as there are a court and net. You can also play volleyball on the beach. There are few restrictions to the game that makes it easy to do. This way it is easier to win than to lose.


Tennis is a racket sport that can be played in singles or doubles. This game is similar to volleyball where let the ball fly across the net and it should hit the opponents court. But the difference is that you us a racket to hit it. The sport is famous in the United Kingdom where they have Wimbledon. In other countries, there is Australian Open, French Open and US Open. These are official games played in different countries.


One of the famous sports around the world is Baseball. In baseball, a player on one team throws a small ball at a player on the other team, who tries to it with a bat. The pitcher or the thrower of the ball continues until the batter finishes three tries without a hit or if there is a home run or the ball is hit but can’t be caught. This game is famous in America, Europe, and Japan.


This sport uses a long rod called club to hit a ball in order for it to enter a hole. In this sport, there are 18 holes that are played in the different designed area on a golf course. There are about 60 million people who play golf regularly.

And those are the five famous sports in the world. There are others, but these five are known around the world. Try these sports out to have an active lifestyle.