Common Sports Injury

Injuries in sports is a common occurrence for sports lovers whether professionally or for fun. Whether playing outside your backyard or in a competitive match, injuries will always be a part of us. While sports provide important bodily exercise crucial to our health, it sometimes poses a great threat to the bodies, especially through injuries.

Injuries may vary from severe requiring surgery to minor ones that only require rest to fully heal. Causes of injuries arise from poor exercises, bad techniques, improper equipment or just normal accidents. Also, injuries may happen when a person isn’t fully fit through warm-ups or stretching of muscles before taking on a sport. Here are the most common sports injuries;

Strains and Sprains

This is the most common sports injury that can happen in almost all sports related activities. A sprain will occur when bodily ligament overstretches or tears. Ligaments are responsible for attaching bones to each other. Sprains can be either minimal or complete tear that damage the ligaments completely.

Most occurring places for sprains in the body include knees, ankles, and wrists. A Strain can also be referred to as a pulled muscle and will usually happen if the fibers in either the muscles or tendons overstretch causing a tear. Just strains, they can be both severe and minor.


Another form of sports injuries is dislocations. This happens when the joint bones are out of alignment. Dislocations are also referred to as Luxation and are quite painful. Dislocations are most common in contact sports such as football or basketball, excessive exercises, and falls or accidents.

Dislocations are serious and require immediate medical assistance due to damages that may occur in the surrounding tissues. In most cases, dislocation will often occur in fingers, toes, knees, elbows, and hips. Depending on the point of dislocation, medical assistance can be administered immediately or later on.


Fractures or broken bones is a fairly common occurrence in sports. Fractures happen when the bones are injured over time or instantaneously. Repeated stress on a certain bone may result in a fracture, also, cracks in the bones may cause breakage causing an acute fracture.

There have been multiple bone fractures in sports events especially physical sports such as rugby, American football, and soccer. Any form of fracture is classified as an emergency since it may require surgery to completely heal. There are four types of fractures listed according to their severity respectively: Oblique, Comminuted, Spiral, and Compound.

Shin Splints

This type of injury occurs when there is a pain in the shin bone or the tibia. Pain will usually be felt at the front outside part of the lower leg. In other cases, the pain may be felt in the ankles or in the foot. These type of injuries are common in runners using hard surface tracks and will often occur due to lack of proper warm-ups or stretches, poor running techniques, uncomfortable running shoes and athletes with flat feet. This injury is not common but will occur without proper exercising behaviors.